Leaves system

The classification of quality:
the Leaves System

Balsamic Vinegar of Modena PGI is one of the most frequently sold typical Italian products in the world. Its enormous diffusion, however, is rarely accompanied by a true knowledge of this product, which encompasses a world of nuances, aromas and evocations in its uniqueness.

Indeed, every producer has their own recipe, every recipe has its own ingredients and doses that transform both taste and fragrance: varying quantities of must can be used, which can be cooked or concentrated; varying quantities of wine vinegar can be added; the process of ageing can occur within casks of varying sizes or wood, and can last for varying amounts of time. The coming-together of these elements, combined with the incredible variety of products obtained, has always made it difficult to describe their various qualities.

To help the consumer in their selection, at Acetum we decided to adopt the Leaves System, created by the AIB (Italian Balsamic Tasters).

This independent and not-for-profit association has the aim of educating and protecting the consumer, and, with this in mind, has designed the only independent system of classification for the quality of Balsamic Vinegar of Modena. This is an objective evaluation method, which identifies four simple qualitative categories based on chemical-physical and sensorial parameters, represented by an increasing number of leaves, from one to four, which allows the consumer to recognise the product that is most suitable for every need at a glance.

Every vinegar has its dish

Four leaves
Dense and syrupy consistency

A superb taste, which results from perfecting the best pairings. Perfect for exclusive recipes, fruit, ice-cream, parmigiana cheese.

Three leaves
Full-bodied consistency

Bold, rounded and full taste.
Perfect for meat, fish, hot dressings.

Two leaves
Semi-fluid consistency

A soft and fruity taste, able to complement flavours.
Perfect for barbecues and baked vegetables.

One leaf
Fluid consistency

Classic, light and slightly sharp taste.
Perfect for salads and daily use.