Acetum offers on market products with a high quality content, and with classical, elegant presentations. The Company focuses on a precise segmentation of its offer, proposing a high mix of quality, service and price. Our production is based on traditional recipes carried out with the most modern technologies and is controlled by a sophisticated internal laboratory in order to ensure high and consistent quality. The laboratory also coordinates the activity of sensory analysis which is run by a panel of expert tasters and concerns all the qualities produced. The activity of the panel follows the guidelines set forth by AIB (Assaggiatori Italiani Balsamico). Our company is renowned for its innovating soul: we were among the first producers to introduce on market an entirely biological/organic product; furthermore, we are the top-producer of Kosher Balsamic Vinegar, exported to the Jews communities living in Israel and around the world.



Aware of the difficulties that consumers have in choosing among the large range of qualities - and prices - existing on market for Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, Acetum first supported and then applied the quality system proposed by AIB, the association of Italian Balsamic Tasters (LINK), who set a system for the sensory analysis of Balsamic vinegar, which evaluates the sensory descriptors, and gives a measurable quality level as a result. From crossing AIB measurements and usages of the product in the kitchens, an interesting system was set for indicating the quality of the product: the system divide balsamic vinegar in four different quality categories, which are indicated by a symbol on labels, whose significance is more and more known among food operators and consumers alike.

The 4-leaves grading system.

The certified products brings a small colored strip, printed on labels. The strip carries a Chef's hat logo, with a varying number of vine leaves on top of it, from one to four. The number of the leaves, and the color of the strip, indicate consumers in a precise and easy way the level of the quality they are going to buy and to use. A neck-tag on each bottle tells the differences among the 4 qualities, and the most appropriate usage for each of them. The One Leaf (red strip) category is marked by moderate density, and it is the type of Balsmic Vinegar essentially used for salads; Two Leaves (silver strip) has a higher syrupiness, and it is suggested both for salads, and for BBQs and marinading; the Three Leaves (gold strip) appears a s a vinegar distinguished for its sweetness, with scents of wood and spices, especially suggested for cheese and strawberries and finally the Four Leaves (black strip) is an exceptionally thick Balsamic, perfect for all the culinary usages.