CAVEZZO (MO) 08-03-02 - Acetum, well-known for the quality of its Balsamic Vinegar, has created BLAZEŽ the first balsamic glaze ready to be used. BLAZEŽ respects the traditional quality of Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, adding the density and the homogeneity needed to decorate and garnish the most refined dishes. BLAZEŽ, with the typical Balsamic flavour, enhances all those dishes that require a nice, "coreographic" effect without renouncing to taste: the handy and convenient squeezable bottle, with pouring spout closure, allows decorations like the greatest Chefs do. Balsamic Vinegar of Modena is one of the most famous vinegars in the world, and has always been used by Chefs to enhance the flavour of their recipes and to create elegant, aromatic decorations. To reach a perfect result the experts reduce Balsamic Vinegar over low fire for a long period, often adding other ingredients like butter, sugar, flour, etc., so to obtain a sauce, or glaze, dense and shining, syrupy and flavourful. A consumer wishing to obtain the same sauce at home as to face a similar process, which is time and work -consuming, for a result which is often uncertain: for this reason, Balsamic Vinegar is more often used simply as a salad dressing, or in drops to flavour vegetables and other dishes. BLAZEŽ instead is ready to be used! It can be added at the end of the cooking process because it doesn't need to be heated further. It's ideal to decorate the classic filet with Balsamic Vinegar or escalopes, it's special with grilled meat, with stewed fish and white meats. It's savoury on rice salad and on cold pasta salads, on chips and on parmesan cheese. It can be used instead of Balsamic Vinegar over grilled vegetables and for a very special risotto we suggest to add 50 gr. of mascarpone cheese and one small spoon of Blaze at the end of cooking. An exquisite and original combination is obtained pouring few drops over ice cream. Buon Appetito!